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Rescue on the Rails

One day, Thomas is enjoying the countryside when he bumps into a red engine. Thomas asks who he is, and the red engine replies with the name Flynn. Thomas and Flynn go to the Docks where Flynn is introduced to Stanley and Thomas is introduced to Belle, a blue fire fighter. Thomas is impressed by Flynn saying that he is a fire engine too! Belle puffs off and Emily puffs in. She warns Flynn to fetch Belle because at Maithwaite Station, there is a fire! Thomas fetches Percy and Belle. They puff to the rescue and put the fire out. Diesel 10 arrives with 2 new diesels named Den and Dart and Diesel 10 pretends there is a fire at the Diesel Works just so they can come. There is not a fire. Flynn is not impressed. Then, Thomas spots a red light inside the Diesel Works. It was a REAL fire! The Fire Engines put it out. And puff back to Brendam.








Diesel 10



'Arry and Bert may also appear.


When Flynn puts the fire at the Diesel Works out, he is on the rails. When the fire is out, he is on the road.

Thomas should of derailed or his buffer-beam could of fallen off when he bumped into Flynn.